Quality and safety

Our assuarance.
Here at "FRUCTUS LT", quality is our top priority when it comes to your fresh fruit and vegetable needs. As the grower's agent and exporter of fresh perishable commodities, "FRUCTUS LT's first concern is for the safety of the produce we provide to our customers and your families. To do this, we ensure that we only sourse from reliable growers. By following Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), BRC, IFS, HACCP our growers maintain the highestfood safety standards in industry.

"FRUCTUS LT"monitors quality and guarantees traceability on all our fruit and vegs products.
All aspects of our business including inspecting, soursing, monitoring of packing, cooling and arranging shipment are done with one thing in mind, to get you, our customer, the highest quality and safest fresh fruits and vegetable possible.

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